Dirty Thread #47-" Matt’s ass cheers everyone up. But I meant the X-Men flick." -Nick Holmes

:spank:Dirty Matt Thread:whip:

:whip:Dirty Matt-lovers:spank:
1. Nina
2. Karen
3. Sonja
4. Ashley
5. Marrit
6. April
7. Jess - "The one who keeps us inline" :nono:
8. Tathy
9. Jessica
10. Camilla
11. Kara
12. Pem
13. Maya
14. Vanessa
15. Conny
16. Carmela
17. Jenni
18. Rachel
19. Nola
20. Mariana
21. Michi aka (Princess Michi) (Strega21)
22. Sali
23. Coral
24. nadietta90
25. Ang
26. Della (ln1)
27. Sheer
28. Nat
29. Nicole (hiImaGilmoreGirl)
30. Sindy (sko)
31. Mikela (cartiergurl01)
32. Lexie (lexhuntzberger)
33. Kath (Falling~Star)
34. Yvonné
35. Mel
36. Lulu
37. Starli
38. Carmen - "The Dirrty Mistress" :whip:
39. Lizzy (DizzyLizzy)
40. Megan
41. phyco52
42. Jenn - "The Homer drooler" :drool:
43. Tash


A like airbrush
B like banana
C like caisson
D like driller
E like explosive device
F like flute
G like gun barrel
H like hammer (for my german girls )
I like ice lolly
J like jellybaby / jellybean
K like keeper
L like lollypop
M like magic horn / magic wand
N like nightstick
O like overflow pipe
P like pressure pump
Q like queue-jumper
R like rocket /rapid-fire weapon
S like shovel
T like twirling his ring
U like his Underwear need to go
V like viril in bed
W like wearing no shirt
X like
Y like yanking off his pants!
Z like zipper down

Previous Threads
#1 ~ We don't have to play outside to get Matt dirty!
#2 ~ Wait till you see our bedroom, Matt! We've done a good job on it!
#3 ~ Because we want his banana split whipped in Chocolate!
#4 ~ Because We'd love to lick the icing of his cake!
#5 ~ Because We want him to make us scream his name!
#6 ~ He'd give us the ride of our lives!
#7 ~ What makes us hungry; his icing on our cakes!
#8 ~ We want to be clowns so we can juggle with his balls!
#9 ~ Smut-aholics Anonymous
#10 ~ We wouldn't mind to be put to bed on the double!
#11 ~ If you show me yours I'll show you mine!!!
#12 ~ It's not all about the size of the wand, also about the magic within!
#13 ~ A Wett Matt, that's what we want!
#14 ~ How is less better unless we are talking about clothes on him?
#15 ~'Cause Beer in Hell gave us everything we wanted.....and more!!
#16 - Lets have some fun, this beat is sick, let's take a ride on his disco stick!!
#17 ~ Because we can't stop talking about his 'dirty socks' *eyebrows*
#18 ~Because next time the Anaconda comes out, it won't be for a cheap horror movie!
#19 ~ 'Cause we are on the lookout for a shower scene with Cary!
#20 ~ A kiss is just not quite enough to sustain our dirty minds
#21 ~ We finally got a scene with Cary in bed...now we just need him to be shirtless!
#22 ~ Working on his lines in the shower? We would gladly assist him!
#23 ~ Wonder if Matt would appreciate Jess's ability to multi-task *eyebrows*
#24 ~ Because we love it when he "twirls his ring" *eyebrows*
#25 ~ Because we need a place to obsess over his body parts!
#26 ~ We love how Matt looks "wet" *eyebrows*
#27 ~ Because we love the way our sexiest man unbottons his shirt!
#28 ~ We'd all enjoy dessert in bed with him!
#29 ~ Forget belly, butt & thighs. All you need is a spine!
#33 As in Sex scenes, shirtless, boxers, ect.
#34 Matt in a wife beater makes even Jess think dirty thoughts!
#36 - - Well there might just be some new shirtless moments in our future.... #ABOUTTIME
#40- We would love to get a sneak peek at his underwear collection!
#41 - Shirtless scenes needed asap, otherwise we will never get the real Carmen back!
#44- One of the GG Revival highlights? Logan being shirtless

Suggestions for Future Titles:

We'd like to lick the stuffing of his banana!
We are in desperate need of his cream...
Because we want his 'fruit basket' to snack on!
Cause we'll hand his mic and we'll make him sing!
'Csuse we are monkeys and we like eating his banana!
Not only Lexie's new puppy should have the name 'Sex on Legs'
Even a Spider movie gives you dirty thoughts!!
Because we can't stop talking about his dirty socks *eyebrows*

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